What are the energy pathways in the body

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A few years ago, while attending a Canadian Society of Dowsers convention, I got to learn from some of the best geomancers in North America. We learned how to detect underground energies and lay lines and saw first hand what would happen when a tree or plant sat right over this energy system. In the case of trees, they twist and turn in all directions in order to move away from the bad energy. Imagine now that you were asked to sleep in the same place every day for the rest of your life. just like a tree. If the place has good energy it may actually improve your health. On the other hand if you are sleeping over a water vein this may cause short term and or longer term chronic problems. Think of the energy as water going through a garden hose. A little trickle will not cause a major issue but if the water is on full force, you will feel it. One of the take-aways I got from this convention is that I can measure and detect the energy of a room and a person. We can also move the energy using rods on the outside of the home or coils around the bed to balance the energy without you having to move. In the case of a person acupuncture works the same way.

It is interesting in many ways that the body also has energy lines called meridians. When they get blocked, all kinds of health issues follow. Using sacred geometry, crystals and intention often clears these problems. Knowing and understanding how to move energy is also vital to our well being. In today’s society there is no reason why you can not learn or take a qi gong course. Yoga and Tai Chi are also great at releasing these blocks. When it comes to mental health, many of the issues come from our thinking. Two thoughts that are in contradiction cause friction in the body and cause problems. Hypnotherapy is a great way to become congruent and as a result allow the best life ever.

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