Frustrated and disappointed

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Today is going to be a great day. I know so because I am choosing to have one. I want to explain a little about how energy works. Energy attracts like energy. If you are having fun, you seem to attract those who you can have fun with. If you are angry, then yes you do attract angry people.
Last week I was feeling upset, angry and frustrated. I was expecting something which did not happen and I felt disappointed. I then was hoping to sell a home and no offer. Again disappointed. I then got a call from someone who had to postpone a meeting and yes I did feel disappointment. The more disappointed I was feeling the more things went south on me until I saw the pattern. Disappointed with dinner spilled over into disappointment within my relationships, my clients, my finances etc….

I am a hypnotherapist. I can and will shift this. With a few rounds of tapping, I let go of much not needed emotion. I then did 30 minutes of Ho’opopono to let go and ask divinity to clear and release. Today I set on the quest for a higher vibration.

Stay tuned!

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