Allan Hassoun


EFT/Tapping Coach

Reiki Master

Therapeutic Touch Practitioner

Pendulum Healer

Master Dowser

Law Of Attraction Coach

Gifted with numerous talents, one quickly realizes that he excels in working with people. He listens to people and is sensitive to their needs.

Having practiced EFT for over 20 years, he has helped people all over the world with pain, anxiety and phobias. Often he will get calls from people while on his drive home from work and within 15 or  20 minutes will leave the individual feeling pretty good.

Introduced to the benefits of hypnosis he eventually decided to become a certified hypnotherapist himself.  Initially curious about stage shows he noticed a common link between success he was getting in EFT with the hypnotic process.

He tells the story of someone with shoulder pain. As they started tapping, at a certain point he says to them to think about their toes. The person is curious and says ok.  He then says to them, “Don’t they remind you of cabbage patch dolls”? 

The person starts laughing and in that moment he says to them, “How is your pain”? 

“OMG what did you do?”

“It’s gone. OMG”.

What the #$$%#@.  Allan explained that the negative emotion could not exist when they were laughing and in the change of state the person released the emotion that caused pain.

In learning hypnosis, he started with an on-line course and then decided to attend  class in person  to master the techniques.  The combination of working with no script and script helped tremendously in understanding the words and how they were used for quality results.

Within days of graduation, his schedule filled with over 30 friends and acquaintances who wish to lose weight or stop smoking.  Each experience was filled with fun, and excitement as Allan learned and excelled.

At this time he is offering sessions for weight loss and for smoking cessation.  These sessions are all online by zoom video making them safe and convenient for all parties.

He often coaches realtors with creating balance in their lives and very quickly shifts them off their own resistance when they are stuck.

He is a Law of Attraction Coach and also has  volunteered  his time with the Alzheimer’s Society, Orangeville Founders Fair, Chamber of Commerce Events and coordinating numerous events and  activities with his wife.

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