Amaxophobia is common depending on who is driving

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Amaxophobia is common depending on who is driving. I suffer from this myself when a certain person whose name I dare not mention is behind the wheel.  Amaxophobia is a fear of riding in a car while some other person drives.  Now, this is not a game-changer for me.  When that person drives I just close my eyes and remember to breath. If you suffer from anxiety and stress it is normal to feel out of sorts. Some times you just need to focus on something else and it goes away.  At other times, you may find yourself unable to focus, feel dizzy and even worst.  If you suffer from any one of these you may want to give me a call.  There are self help tools as well as hypnosis, Bach Flower remedies, tapping and auto-suggestion that can shift how you act and re-act in different situations.

Most phobias are based in 4 different categories:

  • Fears of the natural environment
  • Fears related to animals
  • Fear related to medical treatments or issues
  • Fears related to specific situations

A social phobia is marked by a fear of social situations in which a person might be judged or embarrassed.

Agoraphobia  involves an irrational and extreme fear of being in places where escape is difficult. It may involve a fear of crowded places or even of leaving one’s home.

Specific phobias are  specific to an object such as snakes, spiders, or needles.

How do we deal with these.  One of my favorite methods is the mental movie technique and tapping.  They can close their eyes and using a scale of 1 to 10 to measure the intensity of the issue we start.  As an example one lady was afraid of flying.  When starting the mental movie we began it at the time of her husband telling her she was going away.  Anxiety was high, we brought that down. The next scene was packing and being prepared. The anxiety was not as high but again we got it down.  The next scene was her getting to the airport….. then at the airport….. then pre-boarding…..then in the air…..then landing etc..  The entire session took an hour and she has been flying ever since.

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