Anxiety Hack – Just stare at a spot and then….

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You have anxiety and do not know what to do about it. You can call me or contact me for a consultation but try this hack if you are having a hard time.
In order to neutralize anxious internal dialogue, try this simple way of shifting out of your mind. Start by picking a spot or focal point to stare at. Slowly begin to expand your peripheral vision to include all the space around the spot. Now you can just expand your vision even further to the sides, all the way up to the ceiling and down to the floor. Expand it, even more, allowing your visual field to open so that you can imagine almost becoming aware of the space behind you.
This might feel strange at first but after practicing three or four times you will notice a general calm come over your mind and body as you realize your internal dialogue has stopped.
I teach it to my clients who have anxiety because it allows them to move awareness from the inside out. Takes less than a minute and can be done any time and anywhere.
Anxiety release by staring

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