Behavioral Issues With Pets

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This weekend I went to the Orangeville Farmers’ Market.  Stopped for a coffee before going home.  A person who had a young dog tied her dog to a post while going inside to place an order.  This dog went crazy with anxiety. I could tell it was deeply distraught until the owner came back and even then it took it a while to just relax. In that moment, it occurred to me that I had recently completed a hypnosis course called the Simpson Protocol. One of the components was doing hypnosis using a surrogate (a third party) to help people who were unable to communicate due to some form of incapacity (mental or physical).  Some people were also using it to deal with behavioral issues with horses, dogs and cats with great success. I had not done anything like this before but I was trained and thought it would be really nice to be able to help people and their furry friends if they were open to it.  I went home and decided I would put a small message in the local Facebook group. I was really surprised when I was contacted by over 40 individuals who had some form of struggle with their pets.  All I needed was 4 or 5 people to test this with but I am not turning any of those who reached out down. I will get to all even if it takes a couple of months. It is my way of paying it forward.

Since I do not have the know how to create landing pages etc… this is a message to all of those who contacted me so that I can answer as many questions once and allow you to book.

Who am I?  I am a realtor at Royal Lepage, living in Orangeville.  A few years ago I was struggling with my income and after meeting with a hypnotist, she removed a fear. As a result, without doing anything different, I started to double my salary.  I already had many years experience with energy healing and the results were so fast and easy that I decided I too wanted to learn hypnosis. I studied initially in person but as world events happened  mainly on-line.   I now have clients all over the world and have helped them with their business and personal lives. Weight loss, procrastination, smoking, pain, etc…. To see my google reviews click here: I now specialize in anxiety and empowerment and do what ever I can to make this a more wonderful place to live.

What can you expect during the session(s) for you and your pet?  I need to have a surrogate who will be the person who will answer the questions (with body movements) for the animal. We set up a yes and no response at the start of the session so that  when I ask a question a finger will come up for yes or no. It is not the person answering at a conscious level but instead we are asking their unconscious mind and higher self to volunteer the answers.   As we keep on going, we ask the higher power (by what ever label you give it) to resolve for the highest good. I can use anybody as a surrogate but they need to have an initial session themselves. Since I did not want to  charge for the session unless I know I can help, the only way I can do this without myself paying a surrogate is to give the owner of the pet a session for themselves.  So as the owner you get a free session on any issue you want help with.  I do not even need to know what you are wanting to work on. I just allow the process to clear it for you.

The second session which we will refer to as the animal session is much faster. It is about 35 minutes as opposed to over an hour for the first.  In this session, as I ask the questions, we clear out fears, phobias, bad experiences, traumas and even pain that may be causing the issue for the animal. I can imagine that the feedback will vary depending on the animal and the experiences that they have had.  I recently had a client come to see me for confidence and while driving home she got her hearing back. All this to say that results will vary. You may notice some immediate change and sometimes it may take a month to happen.  Just be open to good things.

Booking the sessions – I almost never see anybody in person.  All my sessions are done by zoom. As long as I can see my client and their fingers I can do a session. You can be seated or lying down. It will not matter as long as you are comfortable and safe. I may turn off my camera on my side to improve bandwidth but this not deter from the results.  You can book the first session at  When you do so, you can pick any time that is convenient for you.  I generally have my last session no later than 7pm because I do get tired and want to give the best of me to the process. No Sundays and a few hours available on Saturday mornings. If for some reason you can not make it please cancel the appointment 24hours in advance. That is not a problem.  If you do not show up and later call me to book again,  I will charge full price.  I am 100% committed to those who commit.

If you are ready to start, just book the session.  If you want to talk in person, just put in the comments it is a talk session to get more information so that I know how much time to allocate.  You can also call me or text me and I will get back to you 905-452-2186.

Just one thing…. I am travelling from the 12th to the 22nd  of September and so I am blocking out that time.  If I do a session for you this week. The second session will have to be booked at the end of September or October.


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