Bridge to Engineering

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What can we do with our minds and who really controls the ship?  I have been pondering this lately.  The SS Enterprise is an analogy that really applies here.  When the Captain, James T. Kirk, would have an issue, he would call down to engineering and command that the issue be resolved. He did not ask or beg. Instead he would order engineering to do something. Bridge to engineering…..I need more power.  When engineering complained he just told them to figure it out.  The shield will not hold…..figure it out.

Here we are with our lives before us. We need money, health and relationships. I have started a new process of catching myself asking and getting kick back from my engineering department.  For example I may want more money. As  I call the engineering department they complain about the economy, the interest rates, the war in the Ukraine, lack of education etc. My solution is to install  trigger words (wealth and success) which is to find the solution. From that point on when engineering shows me why there is not enough I mentally repeat the word wealth. I may have to do this many times a day until like in Star Trek, my team finds the solution and more Money (or in the Star Trek example, power) is  delivered.

For my money and work: my trigger words are wealth and success

For relationship issues: my key phase is peace, harmony and respect in all my relationships

For health issues: my key phrase is divine blue print or simply “blueprint”

When I was younger I would fix my own cars. I would go and buy a Chiltons car book for the make and model of the car I owned.  This car book contained all systems and a blue print or schematic of how the parts would fit together.  As you would take one part at a time off the engine block it would then suggest to you that if that part was worn out or out of tolerance, then you could replace, repair or reset to a specified standard. Once the part was ready and put back in place, the desired outcome would be a car that worked well.  By understanding this analogy, when I tell my mind go to blue print, I am actually instructing it to find the optimal way of operating. Since I know my mind has the ability to eliminate pain, regulate blood sugar, balance cholesterol etc…I just tell it to go to blue print.  This is my command to find what is wrong and where and just like the car manual, inspect, repair, replace, adjust and put back for normal operation

These are all subtle command that I send down to the subconscious commanding them to find and apply the solution.  Also as I repeat the keyword over and over like a mantra it does drown out the complaining voices from the deck below.

Very often, it is easy to see why we get stuck in our patterns, we observe and if done often enough we accept it as fact. It is not longer just about wanting something but it becomes so easy to justify all the reasons why it can not be so.  It is easy to say something like I appreciate this or that but if internally you are not living and feeling it, you can not make it happen.  By using small hacks such as single word commands you will find that your life can change and it will do so quickly

Give it a try and let me know how your life starts to improve and get better each day

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