Brilliant Relief By The Client Herself

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When you imagine anything and then make a small change, your entire life changes.  Something as small as a person adding a rainbow or a butterfly will have miraculous effects.  This is why when asked the color of the sky and how it makes a person feel can represent to them relief or misery or trouble.  If they do not like it I ask would you like to change it to something more pleasant?  Once a change is made everything changes.  This was the case for the client who sent me this testimonial

I feel I have had some shifts and some things have come into my life since we spoke….. a friend recommended a book… ask and it is given which is amazing and I love the tools to keep my emotions in a good place.
I did revisit the vision we did the day after and the one where my dog was on the beach.  I had a vision that added a life partner behind me with their arms around me. I have also mentally opened some of those presents.
I do feel there is still something holding me back so I am excited to speak again but I also feel I am moving forward 🤞

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