Eye of the eagle

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The eye of the eagle is an interesting process that I often use in hypnosis to help people see things from a different perspective. Imagine not being able to see the forest through the trees. When a problem is right in your face, rarely do you see the solution. However when you step away from it much clarity can be achieved.

In a session with your eyes closed I ask you to soar like an eagle. Feel the strength of the wings supporting you. Sense the fresh air. Look at what is going on below you. As you sense, feel, imagine things your unconscious mind is mapping the feelings across to what you are doing and living and as such you walk out of the session with a renewed sense of self.

In hypnosis, we learn tools and techniques. During a session most often the intuitive side kicks in and the session unfolds. At the end it is most important that the client gets what they need and they usually do. The eagle eye technique is one of disassociation with benefits that are extended in many ways.

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