Powerless- giving your power away to a psychic (or anybody else) is simply leaving yourself powerless

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Giving your power away to a psychic is simply leaving yourself powerless. You would not let your kids or spouse to tell you what to do and how to do it would you?  Well I know some of you would but for the most part it is not right to let someone predict your future especially if you can change it for yourself.

I studied Mindscaping within the Mike Mandel academy. What an awesome tool.  People would close their eyes and I ask them to imagine what is in front of them and then what they can imagine what is behind them. People come up with the craziest things like “a monster” or “a rock so big that it reaches the sky” or “nothing”.  All these symbolize someone or something.  When asked to do something …..anything at all (I offer lots of suggestions) then we change the way the mind perceives this current reality.  What can we do with a monster? Cage and haul it away, shrink it so that it looks like a cute creature or sell it to Hollywood so that they can make horror moves etc…  You choose what to do with it.  At the end of the day, that  change will go a long way to changing you and your future.

People who benefit from Mindscapes are business people who are looking for new perspectives or people who feel they are blocked.  Even different health challenges can be released.


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