How I find balance in my life

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I am human and I do a self check often.  Especially being an entrepreneur and have the freedom to make choices, it is easy to spend lots of time focused in one area and forget others. I often say if you need money and spend all your time focused on work, eventually something else will go out of whack. It can be your health, relationships or even your home. One day you can wake up and notice that your home is falling apart, that your partner left and that the little health issue now needs major attention. For this reason at least a few times a month I create a small check list.  There are 6 categories that are important to me. They are health, relationship, career, finances,growth and other (intended for special projects).  I give each category a rating from 1 to 10. 10 is great and 1 is horrible. If I have all 10s this is good. If I have a 10 and a 7 and  for example the rest are 3, I can quickly see that I need to bring those low scores towards 10.  It is then easy for me to make some decisions.  As in the example above, I worked 80 hours last week and made good money (10), but I did not have time to spend with my wife (3).  I now make a decision to do things. I decide to clean the house and make sure all the laundry is done and put away. I can reserve a cabin for the weekend to get away and spend at the beach with her, I can book a nice meal at our favorite spot etc…. The next week hopefully my career is still at 10 but if I do what I say I will, I can give myself a new relationship score of 8,9 or maybe 10!

Balance keeps you moving forward!

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