Hypnosis Conference and Miracle of Healing

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Every Monday night for the last few years I hold a free group session. We generally start with a bit of EFT to help people let go of some stress and anxiety and end the session with about 20 minutes of hypnosis to help you feel better and also sleep better.
​Recently at a conference that I attended, the director approached me in a panic because one of the presenters did not show up. She asked me if I could do a group session using my tapping techniques. I decided to start with a focus on pain and tension in the body. As I asked the audience if there was anybody with pain, a whole bunch of hands came up. Shoulder, foot, ankle and back pains were amongst those issues that people held onto. Regardless of what the issue was I brought pain down to zero within 10 minutes using a simple and yet scientifically studied and approved approach. It is remarkable that even those who just tapped without having pain got benefits.May be an image of text

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