Root Cause(s) of Anxiety

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While some things are simple to fix such as a phobia, anxiety is more complicated.  Like a tree that has many roots, chopping off a single root may cause the tree to lose some leaves but until you remove most roots, the tree can still survive.

If you are experiencing anxiety you need to think of it as a root issue. Most of my clients were well-functioning individuals and at some point could no longer continue on the same path. Their world changed. Too much stress, anxiety, worries, and more.

I love when somebody comes for a single session and then goes away feeling great. Unfortunately, we need to go back in  4 or 5 times and keep cutting the roots until there is no issue at all. The good thing is that the unconscious mind knows all about the person and will do what it needs to in order to make things better.  My job as the hypnotist is simply to direct the mind to the right area.  With the Simpson Protocol which I use, I ask questions.  If the answer to the question reveals an issue we ask for it to be resolved. I have been blown away by the success of using this process.

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