Scared to be hypnotized

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Last night we had a group hypnosis session. A lady who I have known for quite a while shows up. As we go around and ask what each one wants in terms of outcome, most said sleep, pain, focus etc… We get to this lady and she says she hates hypnosis. She does not feel safe. So I simply asked her why she was here. In a very round about way she keeps on repeating that she does not like hypnosis. I asked her if she would feel safer with her eyes open since she can still see and hear everything I said. Her reply is “I am okay but I do not like hypnosis”. I asked why? She told me that a friend of hers had been hypnotized and did all kinds of things during a stage show. Now I started to get the reasoning. Before I explain certain myths let me say that this morning I got a message from this lady saying it was such a comfortable and enjoyable experience. She very much enjoyed it and would be back.

Now for some myths to be looked at.
1. The hypnotist is in control of the person. False. The person can choose to accept or refuse any suggestions made by the hypnotist.
2. A person is asleep and may not wake up. False. The person is awake and hyper-focused on the ideas and suggestions.
3. Hypnosis should be done in person. False. On a zoom call, there are many advantages. It is safe for both the hypnotist and their client. It saves money and time on travel. It can often be less expensive for the hypnotist that does not have to rent space and therefore can be less expensive for the client as well. Distance is no longer an obstacle since it is as easy to meet with me if you are living in Europe as if you live in Asia. It allows a person to experience the outcome in their own environment which has great advantages.

The #allankeysolution is a safe and easy approach to improve the quality of your life.

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