Self-Hypnosis is the ultimate tool in creating the life you desire

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Have you ever thought you wanted something and did not know how to get it?  Maybe you thought that it would be easier to pay someone to fix you.  I know I have spent lots (more than I care to admit) on things that I could have done for myself.  Fortunately, I learned about how to use self-hypnosis to improve my life.

I will not get long-winded but it is easy.  You are the director of the show. You tell yourself what you want and you let your mind find it.  Generally, I will sit down and say ” Superconscious, you know everything about me. You know what I like and what I don’t. You see the issue that I have in mind.  Where there is a problem there is a solution and so please scan my entire data bank, find the solution and program it in for me.  In 5 minutes I will open my eyes and continue with my day feeling great and knowing that whatever the solution is will be there moving me in the right direction.

In the course, I teach I instal the triggers for you to go into hypnosis quickly. You can then apply them any time with eyes open or closed.  I hate to admit that sometimes I put myself in trans while driving.  I just say to my mind, you are now in charge of the driving.  Get me to my final destination safely while I think about this or that.   Please do not try this yourself. I can not be responsible for anybody else.

If you are open to a course, I do tailor them to my students.  Get a group and get a special rate.

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