Separation Anxiety In Pets Can Be Resolved With Surrogate Hypnosis

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Do you worry about your pet?  Do they have separation anxiety issues, mark territory, or destroy your property when you are away?

Last year I noticed someone tie their dog to a post while going into a coffee shop to get a drink.  The animal had severe anxiety and was barking and yelping as if someone was trying to kill it.

Having had a course in surrogate hypnosis I put an ad on the local community page asking if anybody needed help. I would do it for free.  To my amazement, I got bombarded with requests.  Now many of those who needed help also need to take some responsibility for their own actions. Do not keep a dog inside and expect them not to pee for 15 hours at a time. Like us, we need to go when we need to go.  However, some people did seem to have animals that were traumatized in some way.  I got some great results.

Hypnosis works – even on pets!

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