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They say that when you tell yourself a story, your mind does everything possible to make your reality match. When you start to tell a new story it starts to over-write the story that you have been thinking and telling your mind.  This old story can be one that has been playing in the background for many years and so be patient with yourself.

I use a process known as scripting. It is not very complicated and yet it is effective. You start by choosing a character you wish to be or better said become.

  • Put it in the third person.  Instead of saying I am slim, trim, etc…, instead say Allan is a healthy, slim, and trim individual.
  • Avoid getting caught up in the details (such as how, what, where, and whom).  You will not say he had to stop eating carbs and go to the gym every day.  Instead, put in the present tense, who Allan is and what he enjoys.  In the above example: Allan loves to ride his bike everywhere. He is super happy to be part of a rowing team and loves to wear clothing that reveals his muscular physique.
  • Spend a few minutes every day re-writing the script. Each time you do it evokes an emotional response.  The universe does not know if it is responding to the past, present, or future but by the law of attraction it does respond and it begins to manifest the story in your life.

My story which I have been writing for a few weeks now goes something like this which includes all areas of my life.

  • Allan is a successful businessman who absolutely loves his job.  He is very good at it.  For him it is easy and he feels confident and satisfied.  His clients are continuously finding him. He has a fully booked calendar and books sessions 3 and 4 weeks in advance. They love and approve of the methods he uses and are always thrilled with the outstanding outcomes.
  • Financially he feels safe and secure. He uses his money wisely and his retirement pension increases exponentially and significantly for the day he chooses to retire from work. He owns a wonderful home on the coast within walking distance of the beach. He is in awe every day of the beautiful views. He enjoys the open-concept A-frame home which has on the property a rented coach house, a seminar room, a pool, and a hot tub.
  • He is thriving in all ways. He loves to ride his bike. He loves to walk the dog on the beach. He feels great in his body. He eats well and is fit from the activities he enjoys and participates in on a regular basis. He is youthful and always appears to be 20 years younger than his actual age.
  • He is in a great relationship. Always in synch with his wife who is his best friend.  Together they make this world a better place. They inspire each other in meaningful ways and play, travel, and seek adventures that provide growth and excitement to their lives. They are both constantly surrounded by true friends who are a blast to be around.

I have prepared a short video which you can watch here.  Remember, keep going until a new and better reality becomes your new and enriched life.

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