Hearing Loss Restored With Hypnosis

Last night I got a message from a client that had done a session with me prior to my Simpson Protocol training. Her desire was to get her hearing back. On the first session we did a few months ago, she gained back her confidence but not her hearing.    I did tell her that I did not know if it would work or not.  It was an unusual request but I am always open to try.  I was however afraid she could not hear me well enough for progress to occur.    Four months later she booked a second session.  On Friday when she left our session, she reported back that she was driving home when she heard a pop in her ear.  All of a sudden the sounds coming from her radio were so loud she had to lower the volume.  The mind does not cease to amaze me.

I did a Hypnosis Session with Allan Hassoun. It has changed the way I think. I feel more self confidant, self assured and self love. Love and forgiveness is the answer to everything. I am ready to move on and spread my wings by myself. Explore my horizons and it is very exciting. It has only taken me 71 years to get here. 👍👌

And also I feel someone will come along and say can you watch my house or condo for a month or longer. Everything has opened up for me. I am feeling for the first time in 2 years. I am in charge of me. No one else. Lol

Anne Catherine

Beyond Restrictions

I highly recommend Allan if you are ready to move forward and make changes in your life in a gentle manner.
Allan is a great listener, holding space for me to voice the angst I was feeling.  He listened than talked me through it, helping me feel better.
With the hypnosis, he guided me to a better place, helping me detach from stress and moving beyond the restrictions I was feeling.  I was able to see and feel beyond limitations and started feeling the possibilities that previously I could not have imagined.  It was a very freeing, inspiring experience that carried over very positively into my life, without any effort on my part.  Thank you Allan for your help and support.  Very grateful!

Izabella K.  Brampton, Ontario

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