Google Reviews about letting go of ancestral patterns

I met this lady online and I never expected that she would get such a profound healing.  She is calling it letting go of ancestral patterns but I have no idea.  All I know is that she is letting go of something very strong.

Dancing the night away after a 20 minute session

Anne, called me. I can’t move my leg. It is my birthday and everyone is waiting for me to go dancing.  I rushed over and did a session with her.  Slowly she was able to lift her leg.  When I left 20 minutes later she was pain free and able to walk me to the door.

Watch what Anne had to say here

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What to expect from a first anxiety session – November 2022

A lot of the little things have improved.  My patience is back, my sorrow is controllable, and I have made it a point to tell my body I love it and that the mind and body should work together, and with that I have noticed a lot of the pain has gone. The knee isn’t hurting as much as it was, the ankles aren’t as bad, and the back isn’t sore anymore.

But most importantly, the yelling and screaming and complaining that became background noise is gone…..which I believe has helped with my patience.

I feel like I am slowly getting acquainted with the new me and there is actual hope for growth……it feels like there is more to go, obviously, but at least it feels like I have a path now instead of wallowing in a self-destructive pool of darkness.

Thank you so very much, Allan, I do feel better….much better.  Long way to go, but still better and on the right path.

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