In August I got engaged. I was thrilled and then the fear set in.  How would I look on my wedding day? Those pounds crept in slowly year after year until I was 40 lbs more than I did just 10 years back. Being on lockdown for almost 2 years accelerated the weight gain. Less moving and having the convenience of a refrigerator keep me fueled all day.

I decided to do something about it. I called Allan and told him I wanted to lose the 40 lbs by the wedding day. Allan did help me.  I reasonably lost weight.  His words of being kind to myself in the process were of tremendous help to me since I tend to be critical of myself.

I got married last week and looked great in my wedding dress. I never felt so beautiful and I am so proud of myself. I still have a bit to go but as I am still losing 3 lbs per week, I will be at target by Christmas.  I know I did the work but it was so much easier with your help Allan. You are so kind and thoughtful. Lots of love.

KT – Tucson Arizona