The marionette technique for self-hypnosis

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Self hypnosis is awesome. It is a tool available to everyone, everywhere and at any time.  If you wish to try do the following:

  1. Know what you want to improve or change. Ensure you believe it is achievable
  2. State it in the positive. For example I want a full head of hair. Not something like I don’t want to be bald. If you have trouble seeing it then find a picture and say something like this or better for me.
  3. Set the time you want to go into hypnosis ( 5 minutes)
  4. Know how you want to feel when you emerge. For example confident, happy, energized etc
  5. Then tell your mind I am going to go into hypnosis for 5 minutes. You, unconscious mind, that knows everything about me, figure out how to get a full head of hair and you make the changes that are needed.   When I open my eyes in 5 minutes, all the necessary changes will have been made. As I emerge I will feel more confident, happy and energized knowing it is done.  Thank you.
  6. Now allow yourself to go into trans.  This technique is cool and even beginners find it easy.  Close your eyes. Pretend you are a puppet. First imagine that one string is dropped and your head just drops, then as you take another deep breath, allow one of the arms to fall, then another breath the other arm and eventually the entire body lets go and stays there like a big bag of potatoes.
  7. Just focus on your breath. In 5 minutes your unconscious mind will alert you it is time to emerge and you will feel happy energized and confident. Just count yourself back up saying something like at the count of 5 I will open my eyes feeling happy energized and confident knowing that all the changes have been made.
  8. Open your eyes and welcome back

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