The power of metaphors

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I learned about metaphors many years ago. A metaphor is a story. When used properly they can be very powerful. The mind is always trying to make sense of things and as such searches internally for the meaning of what is presented. As it listens to a story, it will try very hard to cross reference what is going on now to the elements of the story. Metaphors are crafted to work behind the scenes at this unconscious level where powerful changes can occur.

An example of a metaphor which I can use is the Sunflower Metaphor. If you ever see one sunflower or an entire field of sunflowers, you will notice how they bend and dance but are always facing the sun. Even when there are clouds in the sky, they still manage to pull fuel from the soil and get ready for when the sun re-appears. They are flexible and happy and dance to the breeze. At the end of the season the center of this plant is full of seeds that are the joy of many birds and people.

Just like the sunflower what came to your mind. Are you bright and happy, dancing and playing? Are you focused on your goals and/or well-being? Are you able to continue to move forward when clouds (obstacles) obscure your path and use the resources around you to continue to grow. Do you realize at the end how prosperous you have become and it is natural for you to share your bounty with those around you?

Be more like a sunflower is the message of today. I never explain the metaphors during a session since doing so dilutes their power but if you are having issues come in for a session so that we can craft a metaphor that will help you be better and better.

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