We sometimes fall off the wagon. What is important is what we do next. Hypnosis near me is virtual

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I work with weight loss clients. I have studied and practiced many different ways to help people.  Not wanting to be a fraud or a hypocrite, I needed to try things on myself first.  As a result, I have been on my own weight loss journey.  My goal was to drop from 205 lbs. to weigh in at 175 lbs.  Several times I reached 178 or even 177 but never reached my goal weight. As soon as I got close I started to self-sabotage.  After Christmas, I fell off the wagon.  I tried several times to go back to the routine but could not.  I have to admit that I was scared to get on the scale.  I was eating like a horse. Grazing like a cow.  Always hungry.

Last week, I finally found the courage to get on the scale. I know you can not measure progress without knowing where you are. I stepped on and as the scale adjusted it went to 174.8 and eventually rested at 175.

You may ask how this happened.  It was with hypnosis. I started to program myself to eat those foods my body needed and in the required quantities. I gave myself permission to eat at the times that were right for me and to forgive myself for not staying on a “plan” designed by a well-meaning nutritionist or exercise guru. I believe that the most important thing was that I stopped reading the labels and putting foods into piles of good and bad. Every time I read a label I felt guilty for not following the “rules”.

There is more to the story.  I did not like my body weight at 205 lbs. People were telling me I was not fat.  I did not believe them. I thought that by reaching this weight I would like myself more.  People are still telling me I am not fat. I still don’t believe them. I still do not like the way I look.  Last week as we tapped  (EFT) on “shame”, it helped me to see what I thought of myself.  I am still tapping and this is why this week we will look at approving of ourselves as we are because we can not be anything else than that which we are.  We can change our clothing, cars, body shape, and homes but not who we are.

If you have a chance to do some tapping use the following phrases

The setup or karate chop points – Even though I do not like who I am…

  • I can be happy
  • I choose to find a way to be happy
  • I am okay
  • I am deserving of happiness
  • I am at peace
  • I am a wonderful person
  • I deserve the best in life
  • I am good enough, smart enough, slim enough, happy enough

Don’t get me wrong. It was not easy to do this. It took 6 times longer than I anticipated. I fell off the wagon many times. The important thing is that I kept getting back on.

When people come to see me, they want instant gratification.  The issue is created over time and can take time to resolve. Sometimes it is dormant for decades and then like a pimple shows its ugly head.  However, there is nothing your mind can not resolve for you. It knows every part of you. It knows what you like and what you don’t.  Let’s get your mind up to speed.  It is harder to unlearn all the bad habits than to find better ones.  If you find yourself falling off the horse.  call me. There are so many tools.

Hypnosis near me is always possible since we are virtual and work anywhere in the world provided we have a good internet connection.

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