What comes after anxiety?

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When choosing to work with clients who have anxiety I thought long and hard about which business model would work best. Initially I want to charge for a single session and have people come back for more. What I soon discovered is that those who thought that all their issues could disappear in one sitting would not come back if that were the case. I saw with many of my clients that after the 4th or 5th sessions they were making great improvements. I decided to investigate a new approach. Instead of charging per session I would charge for a bundle of 5. If instead of signing up for 5, they wanted to just see if they could be hypnotized I would charge them for a single session and they could then choose to continue with a credit applied to the remainder of the bundle.

Today moving forward I like to work on the anxiety but then what happens when they start to feel better? OnceĀ  clients start feeling better, I can work with them to develop a plan for maintaining their progress and preventing relapses. This could include regular check-ins or follow-up sessions, practicing coping strategies, and identifying potential triggers for anxiety. It’s important to continue supporting my clients even after they start feeling better to ensure their long-term success.

The beautiful thing about hypnotherapy is that we can install a new life blueprint. Empowerment is the start but laying out a path for true happiness is the goal.

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