What is an energetic shift

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Energetic shift is a common occurrence when doing energy work such as hypnosis, EFT, reflexology or other types of change work. Sometimes people start crying from years of pent up emotions that come to the surface. It is a good thing since when it comes up it can be released.

For myself I yawn.  Every time I release a little more, I yawn some more and some sessions are so intense that after a yawnfest, I just go to bed and sleep it off.  I have clients who belch or have hiccups.  I have one client that has what looks like spasms.  Release takes many shapes and forms.  It is all normal and also a reason why we have to monitor what is going on.

A few years ago I went to see a demonstration on a process known as rain drop therapy.  While demonstrated on horses, when one horse would release and let go it was amazing to see how the others in the herd also released and let go.  They say that when you change, the world changes around you and there is nothing more true.

If you are changing and are doing things which seem strange, it is okay to talk to us.  We see lots of so called strange reactions and after a while, strange is normal.  Remember….we are all in this together!

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