What is moving through you?

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Taken from “The True Power of Water – Healing and Discovering ourselves”  by Masaru Emoto

You may have heard that we are mostly water. About 20 years ago the scientist researcher Masaru Emoto discovered by freezing water that water crystals were very symmetrical when exposed to positive thoughts, music, or energy.    If instead they were exposed to beliefs that were ugly, bad, or such then the crystals appeared to be chaotic. People started to put messages on water bottles and got great results.  Even groups would congregate around bodies of water to collectively give thanks to the water with amazing results. Entire lakes and rivers came back to life.

How does this play out in your day-to-day?  Have you been happy, sick depressed?  Is your body hurting from one ailment or another? If so you can choose to change your thoughts with kindness and respect for yourself.  Affirm daily in front of a mirror if you wish to that you are beautiful. You are youthful. You are blessed. You are abundant. Give thanks for who you are. Something will happen in the same way that some lakes became clean again. It may take time but if you really think about it, time is all we really have and we don’t even own it. It just is.

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