What questions do you hold that open you up to infinite possibilities?

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The question has to proceed the answer for without one the other would not exist. In the same way that there is no good or bad in a fire until it is perceived as such, a question will open up the doors through which all that is becomes possible.

Sitting in meditation today was a starting point of a journey further and deeper than one ever taken by myself in this physical existence.  As if taking control of a ship and becoming the captain.  Totally ready and open for adventure and wanting the absolute best experience for myself and my passengers. Being respectful and in harmony with the powerful oceans on which we voyaged we set sail.  A goal is a final destination but the people and places and experiences on the way really do define who we come back as. All the contrast is really about finding a reference point to plan the next day and next adventure.

Since an early age I have pondered what is the best question for me. I wish there were only one but unfortunately there is no magic pill.  What are your magic questions?  Some of mine are

  • How can I be the best I can be and have a good time in the process
  • What can I do today to be satisfied and fulfilled when I go to bed
  • How can I be the right place in the right time to be in sync with what the universe holds for me
  • What can I do today to improve my relationship with the people I love

What questions do you hold that open you up to infinite possibilities?  If you ask the question your mind will search and find answers.

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