Who is the smartest person you know?

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One day I was thinking of a friend who is really bright and intelligent. He is an entrepreneur and is focused and disciplined. When his life is going well he never calls, but when things are off just a little I get an invite for a coffee or lunch.  On one such occasions he tells me  that he thinks I am one of the smartest people he knows.  Followed by a bunch of complements he tells me that my perspective is invaluable to him. On reflection I was wondering how this happened. Personally I don’t think I am super smart.  With google and the internet, just about every question you need an answer to has a solution available.  You are also connected in the quantum field where all answers exist.  So is being smart over-rated? I actually prefer to be wise. Wisdom is, on the other hand,  using information in a manner that serves. The same information presented in a different way can go a long way.

Who is the smartest person that you know? Just food for thought.

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