Why can’t I lose weight? How is the anxiety released?

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I was recently asked why it is so hard to help myself lose weight.  It seems that it is a common question for people who love to help others. One of the reasons is that you expect more from yourself than from others.  You would not expect someone to lose 5 lbs per week for 10 continuous weeks without getting sick.  If you can set healthy goals of 1 to 2 lbs per week you will eventually reach your weight goal.

Negative self-talk does not help. Instead of asking why you can not lose weight, ask yourself how can I lose it in a way and time frame that works for me.

One more diet?  Diets work if you work them. The problem is that often the weight comes back and more so afterward.

So what is the solution? In my opinion, your beliefs are what create your reality and your body image.  If you learned that as people get older the weight becomes harder to take off then it will be. Tapping and Hypnosis are the fastest way of releasing old patterns.  For free tapping scripts, check out my youtube channel by clicking here.

The hypnosis solution is a quick and powerful way to change beliefs. It looks at all the underlying causes of emotional eating and one layer at a time it can be released.  If you wish to talk to me about what is right for you, simply go to my calendar and request a 15-minute consultation.  I will be happy to answer all your questions and put together a program that is right and affordable. You can book at the strategy session by clicking here.

If the questions you ask yourself are “Why can’t I lose weight? How is the anxiety released?” you may be in the right place

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