Why we look at magnesium when concerned about anxiety

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Did you ever hold your breath to the point of passing out?  If so you can imagine how it feels when you deprive your body of something it really needs. When your body is lacking this vital mineral, it causes anxiety and depression, causes mood swings, affects your absorption of other vitamins and minerals, affects memory, affects your muscles, and may cause fatigue and sleepiness.

By the time people come to see me, they have tried everything (or almost). They have gone to doctors and tried CBD and all kinds of things but seldom do they know about magnesium deficiency as a culprit.

I am not a medical doctor and it would not be prudent to direct you to take some. However if you would like to learn more or take some, first consult your physician.  It is an over-the-counter mineral that you can buy at any local health food store and is not expensive.


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